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Archive for October 2010

Cross Crusade Astoria

October 29, 2010

Looks like Astoria just isn’t the cards this week. Transportation, costs, distance and injury have bested Team Slow this week, but we will do or collective best to be out there next week in Hillsboro! Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend! Tomas “May backup without warning” Advertisements

Cross Crusade – Rainier

October 12, 2010

Rob, Halley, Ed and I drove up to Rainier for race #2 of the Cross Crusade series.   Rob and I raced while Ed and Halley cheered us on.  Out of 74 riders in the beginner’s class, Rob scored 11th while I got 41st. More Photos

Mascot Concept

October 4, 2010

This my concept for the Team Slow mascot.  “The Flying Snail”.  I was going to draw a “Mountain Turtle” but that idea was taken long ago by Kent Peterson. I will continue to refine the concept, but please give me some feedback! -Tomas

Team Slow is Forming

October 4, 2010

From the gathering of silly minds, the want for fun and the love of bicycles, Team Slow is forming to promote bicycle racing at it’s penultimate best. We just want to get people out there and race for fun and not take themselves too seriously. Team Slow, Because Speed Kills.