Team Slow
…because speed kills. Pass with care. Makes frequent stops.

Mascot Concept

This my concept for the Team Slow mascot.  “The Flying Snail”.  I was going to draw a “Mountain Turtle” but that idea was taken long ago by Kent Peterson.

Unofficial Mascot

I will continue to refine the concept, but please give me some feedback!



6 Responses to “Mascot Concept”

  1. Like the Snail (thou phallic) but not too much a fan of the wings. I want to see the emphasis on the “SLOW” aspects not the fast symbols. It slow and easily approachable / I’d like to join that fun non-competitive group.

    Personal I think the logo would be a perfect opportunity for typography.
    Block letters, bold and possibly reflective. Just a though.

  2. My 2 cents: Since most of us are racing the Cross Crusades, I think we should move in a direction with the logo in the form of a Coat of Arms.

    This concept would allow us to get a bunch of some of the proposed design elements together (the snail, a motto, the slow-moving vehicle symbolism, etc.) in a coherent grouping instead of trying to build around a single element. I have a couple of sketches as well that I’ll work on during the next couple of days.

    Bear in mind that ultimately, the design needs to work with sublimated and/or screen-printing if we’re going to use it on a jersey/shorts/shirts/etc. Line drawings and text need to find their way into vector-based format at some point.

    Also, reflective printing is expensive. 🙂

  3. We’ve had a number of slogans and mottos thrown around (“speed kills”, etc.), but I found a Latin phrase yesterday while pondering the Coat of Arms concept that I found particularly striking.

    Festina Lente — or in English, Make Haste, Slowly.

    It’s typically attributed as a favorite saying of the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar. I think it’d be a perfect motto on the scroll element of a coat of arms.


  4. The snail house needs to look more like a snail house bike Zipp Wheel combo. IMHO

  5. How about making the snail’s shell into a stylized bicycle wheel?
    And the leather hairnet is a nice touch.

  6. Love the winged snail, in whatever form it finalizes. Coat of arms could be great, I really like “festina lente”.

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