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My First Season of Cyclocross


How can I reasonably summarize five of the most fun races of my life?

This is the first year of the Cross Crusade for me and many of the Team. Some of us err a but more experienced than others but we asl signed to really be into each race no matter our final placing in the field.

I had an almost illegal amount if fun at each of my races and loved sticking around throughout the day to cheer on the other classes and my fellow teammates.

Cyclocross has been the only type of bicycle racing that I’ve enjoyed watching for hours on end. The mud, grit, unpredictable conditions, slipping and sliding all over the course and each venue being so different helps to make it all a very  spectator friendly sport.

I’m already planning on participating in as many CX races as possible in the 2011 season and taking notes on how to move up the beginners field and maybe even upgrade to the Class C race.

I really want to thank Rob, Ed, Halley, Kristin, Ben, Erinne for being awesome. I hope to race with asl of you again next year.


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