Team Slow
…because speed kills. Pass with care. Makes frequent stops.

Team Ride, February 6

Essentially, Super Bowl Sunday was our first ride together as a group since Team Slow became an officially OBRA-sanctioned team.  Some of us have been riding together for years, but the feel and flow of the ride this time out was a little different.  Maybe it was the short-ish distance (45 miles), the lack of any discernible long hills, or the fact that we were doing this together as a Team — but the end result was an urgency to the pedaling that was a little sharper and it definitely felt like the group was wanting to push each other.  A Good Thing.  

J.M., Ed, Klaus, Kristin, Caroline, Paul, Chris, Ben, Steven, and myself rounded out the group.   Kristin has a more detailed ride report posted here.

We will have an announcement very soon — the Team has put in some hard work off the bike during the winter months to secure sponsorship and build up our presence — and we are excited to share the results of this with the world.


One Response to “Team Ride, February 6”

  1. When I get my Novara to the point where I feel comfortable riding it (augh, I hate drop bars, but I’m so stubborn, I want to make them work dammit), and get at least a rear derailer, maybe I can join you guys?

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