Team Slow
…because speed kills. Pass with care. Makes frequent stops.

PIR short track – a foolish adventure

Chris ‘Fool’ McCraw shares the following: 

threatening skies escorted me on the ride up to PIR this monday but my
spirits were lifted as i happened upon team member KBott and friend
Joel also riding up to the track.  we joined a whole slew of Slow-Folk
for registration, warmup laps, and encouragement through 3 separate
races where fun was had by all!

my race was Cat 3 men and it being my second mountain bike or short
track race ever, i started at the back of the pack and was rewarded by
the sight of team member Rob’s retreating back as he stayed well ahead
of me for the entire 30 minutes.  starting in the back,
Slow-fashioned, allowed me ample space to pass several folks over the
course of a 30-minute sprint during which i had to get off the bike 0
times, struggling to the top of even the steep sections still on my
pedals, and by the end of the race i felt like i was in the zone
and…couldn’t have done a few more laps.  at all.  i was wiped out!
but i look forward to next time–it was a challenge, and a blast.


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