Team Slow
…because speed kills. Pass with care. Makes frequent stops.

Mt Tabor is DONE!

Last night marked the end of the 2011 Mt Tabor Series “Velo on the Volcano”.

Each race was difficult and sometimes punishing but the finally was punctuated with a VICTORY by Ed Groth in the Fixie category.

Go Ed!

But, don’t forget the rest of the team that did their best each week to lap the reservoirs and climb the volcano.

We ended the night with a team photo and celebratory beers and food at Migration Brewing.

Here are the over-all results from OBRA

Go Slow!

  • Ed Groth – Fixie
  • Klaus Ochs – Cat 5
  • Kristin Bott – Fixie
  • John Fritz – Cat 5
  • Tomas Quinones – Fixie
  • Ben Salzberg – Fixie
  • Erinne Goodell – Fixie
See ya’ll next year!

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