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Short Track Racing at PIR 2011 Wrap-up


Imagine a race course with singletrack through sometimes narrowly-spaced cottonwood trees, wide-open grassy plains, and in the middle of it all, a crown jewel of a motocross course with ten-foot-tall berms and not one, but THREE rhythm sections zig-zagging lengthwise back and forth through the center of the whole thing. Now imagine dozens and dozens of mountain bikes and their riders zig-zagging all over this crazy course, whose exact layout changes every single week. Dust and cottonwood tufts fly everywhere as racers skid their way around the course, and spectators line the perimeter shouting encouragement and even ringing a random cowbell or three. In short, it’s organized mayhem — and a helluva lot of fun.

This is the short-track xc course at Portland International Raceway, and for the last eight weeks, members of Team Slow have pitted themselves and their bikes against it in the Portland Short-Track xc series.

At the end of the series, consistency was rewarded when Kristin made the series overall podium in the Womens’ Singlespeed category:


Adding to the Team Slow Designer Jewelry Collection, Beth and Erinne went out to Westview HS on Saturday, July 30 to race in the OBRA State short-track xc Championships. Both made their respective podiums on a tough, bumpy course with highs in the mid-80’s:

obra state stxc championships 2011

At a post-race gathering on the closing night of the PIR series, Kristin made the astute observation that, between the three women, Team Slow had won itself an entire ladies’ short-track podium, 1-2-3, just like that! Maybe at some point we’ll have a glamor shot taken…

Super-huge thanks to everyone who raced, and to all our friends, spouses and significant others who came a cheered us on nearly every week of the series! Special thanks, too, to Ed, Tomas, and Erinne for helping Kristin and Beth manage the Kiddie races every week. A great way to begin each evening of racing.

It’s been a wacky, wild and fun season of short-track racing! Stay tuned for cyclocross, set to begin in mere weeks! GO SLOW!


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