Team Slow
…because speed kills. Pass with care. Makes frequent stops.

Team Slow ladies on Crusade: Alpenrose

Beth, Erinne and Kristin stormed the Alpenrose Dairy on Sunday, October 2, the opening day of the 2011 Cyclocross Crusade (the largest participatory cyclocross race series in the world). Over 1,500 registered racers in all categories came out to race and the start fields got pretty crowded.

The day began dry and overcast. About 40 minutes before the combined womens’ race the skies opened and it stated raining, turning a tacky course into a slick, muddy one and forcing many racers to adjust their approach — and expectations. Still, the Women Of Slow handle their bikes confidently and with aplomb during a soggy 45-minute outing, and finished strong.

Beth (Master Women 45+) summits the run-up:

She's almost at the top!

Beth on the run-up! (Master's Women 45+)

Erinne (B Women U-35), coming through the flat, twisty “Unicorn” barrier section with a huge smile:

All sunshine, smiles, and *winning*

"'s so fun!" she says

Kristin (Beginner Women) looking oh-so-focused:

(this is a non-horrid picture of me racing! -kb)

in search of mud-snack (and people to chase)

(Photos by C. Eppinger and K. Blume, used with permission)

Results are posted here:

Next up: Blind Date CX and more Cross Crusades. Let’s hear it for MUD!


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