Team Slow
…because speed kills. Pass with care. Makes frequent stops.

Blind Date #2 – Slip’n’Slide edition

“This is the first wet Blind Date we’ve had…”

…that’s the announcer, slightly flummoxed, slightly apologetic – to the Men’s Beginner and Women’s fields last night. Apologizing why? We were huddled at the start line, freezing on our bikes, in the pouring rain. Not northwest-style emo rain, the gentle apathetic spit-spit of Portland winters – no, this was your New England, your Midwest, your Serious Rainstorm.

And off we went. Into the mud + darkness and (relatively) torrential rain. My teeth were chattering, I was drenched with mud and various dairy-materials I’d rather not think about, everything about me was soaked before the first turn.

Whine whine whine I’m cold, wet, muddy, cold, waaaahhh…

Mid-whine, and about 1/4 of the way through my first lap, I remembered – I used to race road in the midwest. I once rode the slowest crit in collegiate history in sleet/snow/rain. I should maybe stop complaining? Riiiiight.

Once I got over myself, I had a great race. The mud was sloppy, and I definitely did some chickenshit riding – but the course was easier than Sunday (and the crowds smaller). I met Erinne (Women’s B) after the race (see shots of her in action here and here) and we were both covered in mud (and etc) to the point of hilarity – we cheered on Ben as he headed off for the Master’s C 35+ race, then ducked into the ladies room to clean up and change into dry things. (see Ben airborne here)

Ed and Chris lined up with the singlespeed and Men’s B’s – at a point of darkness I consider to be insane for racing, seeing as how you’re going quickly, on mud, around other people, and you’re all in a big damn hurry. They did great, though.

Ed had a bit of a gravity event: “On the second lap I highsided on the downhill flipped over the bike unclipped and rolled down the hill. My light fell off. I had to run back up in the mud to pick everything up. I started taking corners super easy. Leaders began flying by in the road section before the barriers.” …hell, slow or fast, I’m still amazed that anybody’s out there. But, somehow, because he respects the officials, he kept his number clean. — after his tumble, Ed elected (smartly, I’d say) to call it a night and go home in one piece.

Chris may have evolved night vision? – as he was taking it all fast and furious and racing really well, overtaking folks in the dark. Braver than I.

Results, Team Slow, Blind Date @ the Dairy #2:
Ben Salzberg, Master’s C 35+, 60/68
Christopher Ryan, Singlespeed, 16/35
Ed Groth, Singlespeed, went home in one piece! (DNF)
Erinne Goodell, Women’s B, 20/23
Kristin Bott, Beginner Women, 7/22

See you this weekend – we’ll be out Saturday and Sunday – and next Wednesday, too. GO SLOW!


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