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Blind Date #3: Gloppy Mud edition

(This was written last weekend regarding Blind Date on 10/12/11. We’re Slow, of course.)

I’m was much more enamored with Alpenrose’s Blind Date series this past week. For one thing, we didn’t get torrential rain dumped on us this week. But there’s more to it than that. It’s a great event to look forward to mid-work week. I can ride there in 45 minutes from my workplace–a nice, hefty warm up. It has smaller fields than Cross Crusade, and I can easily manage to start at the front of the line without feeling like I might be run over by the faster ladies, ’cause they’ll just shoot ahead of me before the first turn. It’s relatively un-hilly. Women start at 6pm, and so far we have raced largely in daylight. Maybe it’s something borne of sexism (ooh, ladies can’t race in the dark!–they’d be too afraid!). But at this point I’ll take it, because the later races look harrowing. Riding in the dark is one thing. Trying to ride fast in the mud in the dark seems crazy/stupid. My helmet off to those racers–Ed and Joey, I’m looking at you two.

The day had been dry and (thank goddess) that trend continued through all the races. But amazingly, the course was still full of sections of goopy, wet, 2″ thick mud. Hooray! It was the sort of mud you just have to plow into and spin through. Mud that splats chunks onto your legs and back and face. Mud that really sticks to your bike. My brakes were invisible through the accumulated mud and straw by the end.

The course was fun, short and relatively easy compared to the previous Sunday’s race at Rainier H.S. In true Slow style I was pulled early, and I was sad I didn’t get one more lap.


One Response to “Blind Date #3: Gloppy Mud edition”

  1. Can we buy the rights to that picture of Ben The Flying Blur for the team web site? Even my sweetie was impressed.

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