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Sunshine and slippery hills: Heiser Farms and Rainier

It was a good weekend for cyclocross. A brief write-up of Heiser Farms (GMPC #3) and Rainier (Cross Crusades #2) is below.

Grand Prix Molly Cameron #3: Heiser Farms

Saturday (just) after noon, Ed and Tomas and Kristin loaded up and drove out to Dayton, where Heiser Farms hosted the third race in the newly-minted Grand Prix Molly Cameron. By the grace of Google, we managed to not get completely lost in new-to-us country (downside of riding most places: you don’t know highways) and arrived with just enough time for Kristin to get registered and get ready.

The women’s beginner field was tiny – seven racers – so, with six of her best friends, Kristin headed off while Ed, Tomas, and Rob cheered along the course. Rob had raced in the morning, and Ed was up with the singlespeeders at 3 or so.

The course was a good one – not muddy throughout, but some slippery spots on top of hard-packed dirt. A mudpit. Some number of run-ups, sudden steepness after a turn or after deep mud. Singletrack descents, rutted and bumpy dirt trails, and some long stretches along fields in the warm (welcome) sun. Three sets of barriers.

After about 45 minutes, the women’s fields saw the checkered flag; Tomas and Rob met KBott at the finish line to re-pin her number – this time for the singlespeed field. A few minutes later, off they all headed – men’s B’s and singlespeed – 23 men and 2 ladies. With no crashes and a heck of a lot of going, Ed and Kristin did Slow proud (with Tomas and Rob as cheering section), both finishing strong in the back half.

Results: Heiser Farms CX / GPMC #3
Kristin Bott, Women’s Beginner, 4/7
Ed Groth, Singlespeed, 21/25
Kristin Bott, Singlespeed, 25/25

Cross Crusade #2 : Rainier

Sunday morning, it was up and at ’em! – and off to Rainier for another Crusade. We helped the BTA with the Kiddie Kross race (home to the toughest kids and best faces) and then did our best on a pretty beastly course.

There was mud, and there were nasty tree roots that ate speed and threatened to take your bike. Off-camber here, slippery here, mud there, barriers. Bouncy bumpy rutty dirt grass rocks gravel. And, oh yes — something about a hill. A muddy gravel road turns to asphalt, which is nice, but – a long, hard, steep, soul-crushing hill.

Cheers for everyone who made it up that pile of misery. Cheers to running cheering section who jogged next to struggling riders. Well done to everyone for getting out there and doing what’s difficult.

And – a formal welcome to Suzy Renn, the latest addition to our women’s division. We’re excited to have more ladies on bikes, and add more awesome to our team.

Results: Rainier / Cross Crusade #2
Suzy Renn, Master’s Women B 35+, 15/21
Kristin Bott, Beginner Women, 31/59
Erinne Goodell, Women’s B, 41/41
Ed Groth, Singlespeed, 59/73


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