Team Slow
…because speed kills. Pass with care. Makes frequent stops.

Mt Tabor Series Race 2

Ah, another day in Portland shrouded in mystery. Will it rain? Will it shine? Will hail pummel our spectacled faces as we screech between reservoirs on an extinct volcano?

We lucked out and had a really nice and sunny day in PDX to make for some excellent racing conditions.

Nate and Johnny vie for the line

Team Slow (again) had the largest team showing at the Mt Tabor series and even earned a shout out from the announcer about “Team Slow’s Enthusiasm for their team-mates” during the Cat5 race.

Most of the team raced the Fixed-gear category with mucho gusto, while our “punisher”, Klaus, was the sole Slowie in the Cat5 race that gave it all his muscular might.

Cheers to the Slowies for another great nice of racing on the volcano!

  • Ben Salzberg
  • Erinne Goodell
  • John Fritz
  • Tomas Quinones
  • Nathan Frost
  • Ryan Good
  • Klaus Ochs
The team wrapped up the evening with eats and drinks at our awesome sponsor, Migration Brewing.
At Migration Brewing

OBRA Results

Ben’s Pictures on Flickr


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