Team Slow
…because speed kills. Pass with care. Makes frequent stops.


Team Slow ( tēm slō ), n.  1. a cycling team based in Portland, OR.  2. a cycling team that goes slow sometimes and goes fast other times, but remains competitive at all times.  3. a cycling team that promotes good times and doing good things whether in the field, at a gathering or in our community.  4. a cycling team that is cohesive, supportive and tenacious in nature.

We are truly blessed to live where we do.  Oregon is Cycling Nirvana.

On every two-wheeled journey, we are fortunate to meet others that are like-minded.   As our paths cross and we share the experiences of the road [and trail] together, a community is formed.

Our community exists to further those shared experiences by encouraging each other.   We are SLOW, but we’ll still ride as hard as we can.  Every day spent on the bike should be a good one.   We live for long stretches of low-car tarmac, peaceful singletrack, muddy faces, and the ringing of cowbells.

We have wonderful sponsors and community partners, and we represent and support them just as they support us.


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