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Short Track Racing: Race 1

June 5, 2012

The weather wasn’t looking very good for Team Slow as dark clouds and constant over-cast loomed over their helmeted heads. Rain had been threatening Portland all day and a rather large storm front from the south had been making its way toward the race venue. Luck holds out. We are only peppered with the occasional […]

Mt Tabor Series: Race 1

May 31, 2012

It was glorious weather all day to make for perfect racing conditions on the volcano. Team Slow was well represented in this race and we all look forward to the rest of the series. Kristin Bott – Fixed gear Ben Salzberg – Fixed gear Klaus Ochs – Cat 5 John Fritz – Fixed gear Tomas […]

Blind Date #3: Gloppy Mud edition

October 20, 2011

(This was written last weekend regarding Blind Date on 10/12/11. We’re Slow, of course.) I’m was much more enamored with Alpenrose’s Blind Date series this past week. For one thing, we didn’t get torrential rain dumped on us this week. But there’s more to it than that. It’s a great event to look forward to […]

Sunshine and slippery hills: Heiser Farms and Rainier

October 20, 2011

It was a good weekend for cyclocross. A brief write-up of Heiser Farms (GMPC #3) and Rainier (Cross Crusades #2) is below. Grand Prix Molly Cameron #3: Heiser Farms Saturday (just) after noon, Ed and Tomas and Kristin loaded up and drove out to Dayton, where Heiser Farms hosted the third race in the newly-minted […]

when sponsors love us

September 25, 2011

Team Slow held its first team meeting of the fall at Pacific Pie last night. When we got there, we found a table waiting Just For Us: Have I mentioned I love this place? Best bets: Sampler plate of assorted mini pasties (little vegetable-filled savory hand-pies) Wandering Aengus hard cider Blackberry pie for dessert OMG […]

July 30, 2011

The course at Westview HS was flat, hard-packed, and fast. In short, a terrible course for singlespeeders. Still, I’d signed up and Mielle had given me a ride so there I was on the starting line. The sad part was that I was the only singlespeed woman in the entire field. No one else had […]

Mt Tabor Haiku

July 8, 2011

My haiku to the Mount Tabor Series: Top of Mt Tabor Fixie Four Laps Hard Safety Triangle Photo by Nita Galambos -Tomas Q

ERN’s Rapture Report

June 7, 2011

Ed, Gabe and I rode out from the Hillsboro MAX the night before on what we later found out was the long and hilly route to the Flying M Ranch. We arrived after nightfall and were greeted by a gigantic hug from Rob, who thought we were wandering lost in the dark. Luckily, that was […]

The Dalles Mountain 60

March 8, 2011

The front seat of Johns truck fits three, provided two passengers are dating. Three bikes can fit in the bed, as long as none of them are fragile. Fortunately both conditions are met. We show up to the start about an hour and a half early, and camp out in the coffee shop checking out […]

Mascot Concept

October 4, 2010

This my concept for the Team Slow mascot.  “The Flying Snail”.  I was going to draw a “Mountain Turtle” but that idea was taken long ago by Kent Peterson. I will continue to refine the concept, but please give me some feedback! -Tomas