Team Slow
…because speed kills. Pass with care. Makes frequent stops.

Team Roster

Team Roster 2011

  • Ed Groth
  • Erinne Goodell
  • Kristin Bott
  • Tomas Quinones
  • Ben Salzberg
  • John Fritz
  • Chris McCraw
  • Klaus Ochs
  • Nathan Frost
  • Ryan Good
  • Suzy Renn
  • Joey French
  • Bonnie Hildebrand

Friends of Team Slow

They may not be racing with us, but they are great supporters of the team with cheers and more!
  • Beth Hamon
  • Chris Ryan
  • Paul Zavitkovski
  • Caroline Zavitkovski
  • Stephanie Routh

Ed Groth (The Machine)


Ed began riding a bike to work in the radioactive wastelands of eastern Washington. He recently discovered that bikes can be ridden past work, into the forest, and has become addicted to bike touring and randonneuring.

You may see him at mountain bike and cyclocross races, where he can frequently be found upside down on the wrong side of the tape.

Erinne Goodell


Erinne was a part-time bike commuter for years before finally going car-free in 2008. She greatly enjoys bike touring, and recently joined the board of Cycle Wild. Erinne writes grant proposals and does other fundraising for Sisters Of The Road in her work time.

Erinne believes in nonviolence, but still tries to kick butt on the race course. She’ll try to accomplish NVAK (nonviolent a$$-kicking, yo!) while racing cyclocross this fall. When not bicycling hard, she likes to grow green things, cook veg things and make crafty things. Erinne can often be seen riding all around Portland while singing, and she hopes that makes you smile.

Kristin Bott


Kristin’s been riding a bike ever since her mom let go of the seat of that Pixie Schwinn in Idaho. She’s bike commuted through winters in Michigan and Montana, raced road while in graduate school in the midwest, and has been cursing Portland rain since early 2008. Co-founder of the Hott Sock Ride series and a regular volunteer with the Community Cycling Center, Kristin enjoys making/growing food, brewing beer, good books, and chasing things that pass her. She’d like to thank our incredible sponsors for keeping us fed, clothed, beered, and biked.

Tomas Quinones

Photo by Vittus1997

Originally a fast-driving Michigander with a love for fast cars has turned his passions to bicycles and arts. Car free for 4 years and a regular volunteer for events like Move by Bike, he has been seen racing triathlon, cyclocross and xc mountain bike, he is mostly known for riding into the wilderness and camping with Cycle Wild. Typically ends up without a voice after every race because he cheers like a madman. Eats like an animal. Draws cartoons. Rides fixed-gear on Mt Tabor, single-speed at the Portland Short Track Series, and single-speed at CCX.

Ben Salzberg


Ben’s been riding bikes since he split his bigwheel in half back in the 70’s. A daily commuter for 15 years, Shifty type, and otherwise utility cyclist he was convinced to try racing short track MTB in 2010, and it turned out to be fun.

John Fritz


John Fritz has been riding bicycles since he learned how to ride in elementary school. He began riding seriously when he first discovered the world of freestyle bicycle motocross (BMX). As he grew older he realized the importance of cycling as a utility in life, and began to acquire different kinds of bicycles. Today, John is still interested in all aspects of cycling. The most prevalent would be road and cyclocross racing, touring, commuting, and jumping off any inclined surface with whatever bicycle is beneath him at the time.

Chris McCraw

Naked Fun

Chris McCraw became a cyclist deep in the heart of Texas 6 years ago and realized that a career in bike fun was more easily executed in Portland. On the way from Texas to Portland he biked 4,400 miles from Austin to Anchorage, AK in a fundraiser for cancer research, and his life has never been the same.

Nowadays, he spends a lot of time and effort on enabling bike fun around PDX, and occasionally rides long with the Oregon Randonneurs and plans to race cyclecross and short track later this season.

Klaus Ochs


Also known as “The Punisher”. Too fast for pictures.

Ryan Good

New to the Team for 2012!

Nathan Frost

New to the Team for 2012!

Joey French

He’s been riding (and fixing and breaking and fixing) bikes out in the sticks of the American South for as long as he could walk. In his twenties he worked as a bike courier, and decided soon afterward that he want to ride his bike everywhere he went. He’s worked as a bike mechanic for some time, loves bike touring and mountain biking, commuting by bike, cargo bikes, gravel, mud and hills (sometimes!). Soon after moving to the PNW he discovered cyclocross, and now just can’t get enough.

Suzy Renn

Specializing in dirt racing, she had a blast at the Cross Crusade.

Bonnie Hildebrand

Loves racing cyclocross and her pug “Munch”.


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